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Teasers Shortcode

How to add Teaser to your page/post?

To add teasers to your page/post simply click “Insert Teaser” shortcode button, that can be found integrated in default editor panel in visual mode like in the image.

Teaser Settings

Teaser’s settings comes with simple text fields, where you can fill in title, button title, image and button URLs and also a template dropdown menu.

“Choose a template:” allows you to set a template which you want to be shown at your teaser.

“Image src:” allows you to set the image URL that will be shown at your teaser further.

“Button title:” field allows you to specify the name of the button: more… or learn more… for example.

“URL for button:” field allows you to specify the path to necessary content after pressing the button.

“Target blank:” checkbox allows you to choose the way which your teaser will be opened further: in the same window if default or in the new if checked

Once you have finished with your settings, press “Insert” button.

Shortcode will be placed in content, inside your editor. Exactly where the syntax is placed depends on where your cursor is. So don’t forget to place cursor in correct place in your content, before adding shortcode.

Single Teaser example:

[teaser url="" title="Post with custom sidebar, left layout" post="129"]more info[/teaser]

Example with column shortcodes usage to control teasers’s width:

[one_half] [teaser url="" title="Custom teaser" post="545"]learn more[/teaser] [/one_half] [one_half last=last][teaser url="" title="Just another teaser" post="132"]learn more...[/teaser][/one_half][clear]

Example of teasers with custom links and image URLs:

[one_third] [teaser url="" title="Lifegroups" src="" ]more info[/teaser] [/one_third]
[one_third] [teaser url="" title="New here?" src="" ]learn who we are[/teaser] [/one_third]
[one_third last=last] [teaser url="" title="Every Penny Helps!" src="" ]donate today[/teaser] [/one_third]
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