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Sermon Schedule Shortcode

How to add sermon schedule shortcode to page/post

To add sermons shortcode to your page simply click on a Sermon Schedule shortcode button, that can be found integrated in default editor panel in visual mode. See image below.
Please note, that blog shortcode and page have different design.



Sermon Schedule Shortcode Settings

“Sermon Speaker” – you need to choose your sermons speaker here. Sermon posts that are assigned for this speaker will be displayed. If you don’t have any sermon posts and speakers yet, then you need to create them first, before adding Sermon Schedule shortcode.

“Part Title” – You can set your sermon schedule title here.

“Time” – You can set time for sermon schedule here.

“Content” – You can add some description related to speaker that will be displayed further on a page.

After you are done with settings, click “Insert” button.

Shortcode will be placed into content area, inside your editor. Exactly where the syntax is placed depends on where your cursor is. So don’t forget to place cursor in correct place in your content area, before adding shortcode.



[schedule title="The Price That Was Paid" speaker="49" time="10:00 AM"]


The Price That Was Paid


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You can also check an example of a page organized using Sermon Schedule Shortcodes here: SPECIAL EVENT SCHEDULE