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How To Create Gallery


On the next image and in your dashboard you can see new menu item called “Galleries”. This is where you can organize and setup your gallery posts.


To create gallery, you need to first off all create gallery posts and assign them category. After you created you gallery posts and filled them with conntent, you need to show them. We create gallery shortcode to give you possibility to place your gallery wherever you want.

Our theme comes with three possible gallery styles. Which one to use can be choosed in shortcode options.

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Create Gallery Categories

To organize gallery posts you need to create categories.
You can make it before, after or directly during the creation of the gallery post.

To create gallery category go to Galleries -> Gallery Categories

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Sortable Gallery

To make sortable option for gallery work you need to do following:

  1. Create parent category. This category will be invisible on your gallery page. Name it i.e.: “Gallery_main”
  2. Create categories that will be used in sort option on your gallery page. I.E: “Print”, “Web”, “Other”.
  3. Set your main category (“Gallery_main”) as parent category for the categories above.
  4. Set your main category (“Gallery_main”) as the source for the gallery shortcode.

Your aim is to make following hierarchy:

– “Print”
– “Web”
– “Other”

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Create Gallery Post

To create new gallery post, go to Galleries -> Add new

After that you’ll see content editor (1), where you can find shortcode buttons (2) in visual mode, and lots of metaboxes (3-6) if you scroll down, below the editor. Metaboxes is where you can set differnt settings for your gallery post, such as: specific gallery settings (4), slideshow (5), sidebars (6), seo, etc.

Important steps in creating gallery post is to “set featured image”(6) and assign category (3).

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Assign Categories

On the right side you will see your categories. You need to check in which category you want this gallery post to be displayed.

If you don’t have any categoies yet, then you need to create one.

To do this click + Add New Galleries Category.

Set Category name and press “Add New Galleries Category” button.

* And don’t forget to assign this category to your gallery post of course.

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Featured Image

You need to set featured image for your gallery post. This is what will be displayed on you gallery listing page, like this one.

1. Click “Set Featured Image” on the right side of the gallery post edit screen.

2. “Add media” popup will appear. Upload your image.

3. Then click “Use as featured image”.

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Gallery Post Options

Live URL

“Live URL” is an options for additional gallery post button.
You need to add link to “Live URL” fied and additional button will appear at the bottom of the gallery post and also in gallery “Big” layout under the description (See image below).

You can also set custom text for this additional button “Live URL button text” and choose “Live URL target at new window” to open additional button link in a new window.

Hide More Button

You can hide “More info” button from gallery listing, by choosing “hide more” option.

Hide Featured Image

If you set featured image it will be used as thumbnail for gallery listing and also will be displayed inside the gallery post. Using “Hide feature image” you can remove this image from gallery post, so it will be used only for gallery listings thumbnail.

Preview Icons

We’ve made five awesome icons for gallery listings. Using these icons you can visually show what’s inside of the gallery posts: images, video, audio, text info or other.

You can also upload your custom icons in Theme Options -> Gallery.

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Lightbox Options

This options allow you to use show lightbox when you click on image thumbnail, on gallery listing page, instead of navigating inside of the post.

Simply check “Use lightbox” if you want to use lightbox for this post (you need to check this option for each gallery post separately).

Now, if you click on image thumbnail on gallery listing a full sized image will appear in lightbox.

Lightbox will use image that was set as featured image. You can only have one image for each post in lightbox.

Images inside of the post won’t be displayed in lightbox.

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Set layout and sidebar
for Post.

You can set one of three possible layouts for post: Full width, Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar. You can find this settings at the right side below the categories.

Also you can set your custom sidebar here. You can create your custom sidebar in Theme Options -> Sidebars.

If you want to have same sidebar and layout for all gallery posts you can set it in Theme Options -> Galleries.

Additional Widget Area

There are additional widget area between title and content. You can enable it by choosing Under title sidebar instance in “Title area settings” block below the editor.

You can see example of additional widget area (1) on the image below:

You can learn more about layouts, sidebars and widgets here.

Title additional text

You can set some short description in the title area on the right side, as you can see on the image below.

To add this descriptions simply add your text in “Title additional text” field. This option can be found below the editor on the post edit screen.

Slideshow Settings

Our theme is extremely flexible and allows to set unique slideshow, with unique settigns for each post/page or taxonomies.

Please note that this settings will be applied ONLY for the specific page/post, where you set it and not for the other pages/posts.

To set slideshow for specific post, scroll down to the “Slideshow options” block.

1. Choose slideshow type – here you can between our custom JCycle or Revolution slideshows. By default it is set to use global settings (global settings is set in Theme Options ->Slideshows)

2. Choose Revolution Slider (for revolution slider only) – you can create many revolution slideshows, so here you can choose which of revolution slideshows you would like to use.

2. Set slideshow category (for jCycle only)

3. and set max amount of slides for this slideshow (for jCycle only).


You can also adjust different slideshow options specificaly for this page in “Slideshow effect options” block, such as (these options is for jCycle only):

1. Set slideshow Height.
2. Turn on/off next, previous navigation arrows.
3. Remove paddings
4. Set timeouts and speed
5. Set autoplay and pause on rollover.

How to Display Gallery

We’ve made gallery shortcodes to show gallery post. Using shortcodes gives a lot of flexibility, because you can add them anywhere you need.

1. After you created gallery posts, you need to create a page that will be used as your gallery page. Go to Pages-> Add new.

2. Now, click on the gallery shortcode button in visual mode of content editor and popup with option will appear.

3. Set your gallery category and other settings in this popup and click “Insert”.

That’s all.

More info about gallery shortcode can be found in Shortcodes.