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General Options


General Settings

In General Settings section you can apply headings font, favicon, some colors globally and enable/disable responsive and boxed layouts
To edit general settings, navigate to Theme Options -> General section in your dashboard.



Choose a Font

You can apply headings font for the whole website. Simply choose from hundreds of available Google fonts from the dropdown. You have also the ability to set font’s variant and subset.
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Disable Google Fonts

If, for some reason, you don’t want to use Google fonts, this option will be helpful. In this case default font will be applied.


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Favicon URL

Favicon is a small icon that browsers use for your website to make it more recognizable, for example in your bookmarks or history. If a website has a favicon then you will usually see it to the left of the address bar or in browser tab. You need to type full URL to your favicon.ico (i.e.: 
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Content Width

By default the theme is designed for 960px width. This option will be helpful in case you need to increase this value i.e. 1200px, 1500px, etc… 
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Disable responsiveness

Our template has responsive design, what means it change its look on different screen resolutions to improve usablility and make it more userfriendly on mobile devices and tablets. Responsive design is enabled by default, so in case you need fixed layout, simply set this option to “ON”.


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Use Boxed Layout

Our template also comes with the ability to apply boxed layout and a few options to customize body background image. This layout is disabled by default, so in case you want to use it, set switcher to “ON”
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Color settings

Here you can apply content text, headings and links colors.

You can also edit colors for footer and header elements in Footer and Header settings, respectively.

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