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In this section we will talk about WordPress default theme customizer. This feature is available starting version 3.4 of WordPress. It allows you to customize theme options even before activating a new theme.

Theme Customizer

Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes and click on Theme preview image (1) or on “Customize” link near your activated theme priview image (2).


You can see a menu with options that you can change in the left side of screen (1). These options partially repeats “Theme options”, thats available in your Dashboard.

In the right side of the screen you can see a theme preview area (2). It’s changes dynamicly each time when you modify options in the left menu.


Customize your theme look

Now you can choose any section in the left menu from header to footer (1) and change it’s values (3). You can easily change colors & patterns for different website areas, set home page, create menu, etc and preview your changes immediately after you made it at the right side (2).

This feature allows you to customize your website almost in real time!

When you are done and satisfied with your changes, click “Save & Publish” (4), otherwise, click “Cancel” (5).


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